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Ken-Ton Meals on Wheels is
attuned to the many special
dietary needs or our clients.

Meals do not contain added salt or seasoning and low 
sodium products are used, including cold cuts.

Our diabetic diet is actually a modified carbohydrate diet. A dietician has reviewed the menu and if adjustments  are required to maintain the proper carb level then we make a substitution.
Our renal diet follows the same procedure. The menu is reviewed and all substitutions needed to maintain a basic renal diet are made.

Diabetic and Renal menus follow industry standards for revisions.

It is still up to the individual client to be aware of their diet needs and make adjustments to the meal sent out. If your diet needs to be more restrictive then it is your responsibility to not eat the part of the meal that is concerning.

Highly restrictive diets and changes according to preferences cannot be accommodated.

A frozen nutritional supplement is available at a nominal cost upon request.

Menus are distributed at the beginning of each month.

Please note that occasionally substitutions are made based on availability of an item.


Meals Menu

"I want to thank you for being a lifesaver for me while my fractured foot healed."