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3 Healthy New Year's Resolutions Anyone Can Make Right Now

January 13, 2017

Ringing in the new year calls for a fresh start. While a common New Year's resolution is to become healthier, it can be difficult to set realistic goals and stick to them. In fact, only eight percent of people following through with their New Year's resolutions. The trick? Create simple, measurable goals and find what works best for you.


We have three resolutions that anyone can make right now:


1. Drink more water.

While drinking more water ranks high as a New Year's resolution for many, it can be a challenging goal. According to the Institute of Medicine, the adequate intake of fluids for men is approximately 15-plus cups a day and 11-plus cups a day for women. Drinking more water not only keeps you hydrated and helps clear up skin, but also assists with weight loss by controlling calories and replenishing your muscles.


Here are some simple ways to help increase your water intake:

  • Have water with every meal instead of alternate beverage choices

  • If you're a fan of flavor in your drinks, try fruit infused water

  • Keep portable bottles on hand so you can stay hydrated


Add a hint of flavor and infuse your water with fruit such as berries, lemons and limes and come up with new delicious ways to enjoy your water throughout the day.

2. Take more steps.

This year, 37 percent of people want to stay fit and healthy as a top New Year's Resolution.  Instead of pushing in rigorous workouts and risking injuries, try taking more simple steps throughout the day. Adding more steps to your day can increase heart rate, help burn calories and boost your metabolism -- not to mention help reach your personal fitness goals.  Need some inspiration to take more steps this year?

Try implementing these simple tricks into your daily routine:

  • Take the stairs instead of an elevator

  • Track your steps with a fitness tracker

  • Get outside even for short walks


Tracking your steps will not only give you insights on how you're progressing, but also help you establish new goals to accomplish throughout the year. Try one of these fitness trackers and see what may work best for your goals.


3. Challenge your mind.

Whether it be reading a new book, learning a new game or creating new travel plans, stimulating the mind can keep you (and your body) energized. Maintaining psychological well-being and lowering stress and anxiety is extremely important.

Want to boost brainpower while becoming more tech savvy in 2017? How about training your brain with games like Lumosity or Brain Fitness Pro? Keep a journal handy to write down any new experiences you may have to enhance mindfulness and help you stay on track with your goals. Remember to have a positive outlook even if you stumble, and keep a clear mind on what you want to accomplish this year.



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