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4 Small Heart Health Changes That Will Make a Gigantic Difference

February 07, 2017

February is nationally recognized as Hearth Health month, which makes now the perfect time to reflect on your own personal health. With many people kicking off 2017 with a healthy, active routine, it is vital to look for new ways to keep your heart health in check. The more you maintain a healthy heart, the more you can lower your risk of heart disease and enjoy a healthier, longer life.
Here are four small heart health changes that will make a gigantic difference:

1. Regulate checkups.

Regardless of your exercise routine, it is important to maintain a healthy heart and attend regular checkups to ensure your heart is healthy. Be sure to keep records of doctor appointments to make sure you are well aware of your body and what may work best for you in regards to fitness and nutrition. Some tips to help you watch your health include:
  • Keep track of doctor appointments
  • Incorporate new exercise routines
  • Monitor your eating habits
2.  Manage your stress.

Having high levels of stress can do more harm than good on your heart. Find ways to relax that fit your schedule and help your breathing patterns and blood pressure. Looking for meditation tips? Try a calming yoga session, read a good book in a quiet space, or confide in a friend. Eliminating stress can also help with high blood pressure that can affect the heart and artery walls. Finding a simple exercise routine that works for you is also a great way to keep stress and anger at bay. Some simple tips to keep you calm include:
  • Sweat it out
  • Stay hydrated
  • Practice meditation
3. Ditch the salt.

Improving cholesterol levels will not only help individuals lose weight and stay hydrated, but also  help a heart stay healthy for a longer period of time. With excess sodium found in many foods, (especially processed meals that are usually quick and easy), it is no wonder why many people are dealing with high cholesterol issues. Find a diet that works with your body that will leave you satisfied rather than craving those salty snacks packed with sodium. Some healthy alternatives for salt lovers that will add some flavor to your meal include:
  • Chili
  • Rosemary
  • Lemon zest
  • Turmeric
4. Sleep tight.
Seven is the magic number when it comes to sleep and heart health. Seven hours of sleep is what experts recommend the body get each and every night to stay healthy and energized. When your body gets enough rest, you are letting your heart recharge for a new day and also letting it perform better after resting. Although getting enough sleep is key for heart health, getting too much can be potentially harmful. Getting more than 10 hours of sleep can not only increase risk for cardiovascular disease, but also memory loss and overall thinking. Regulating the number of hours you sleep is crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and reducing overall stress. Not getting enough z's at night? Try these tips to help you get a restful slumber without interruptions:
  • Keep electronics out of the bedroom
  • Maintain a cool temperature
  • Lower the lights
  • Try white noise, a fan or air conditioning
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