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Code of Conduct

Ken-Ton Meals on Wheels recognizes the critical role of its volunteers and is extremely grateful for your dedication, time and compassion.  Ken-Ton Meals on Wheels accepts the service of volunteers with the understanding that such service is at the sole discretion of the agency.

As a Ken-Ton Meals on Wheels volunteer, you agree to:
  1. Read and follow policies and procedures outlined in the Volunteer Handbook and accept guidance from staff members.
  2. Maintain a positive and cheerful attitude.  Since effective person-to-person contact is central to my duties, I will take the time to introduce myself, address each client by name and greet every client with a smile.
  3. Refuse tips or monetary acknowledgements from any participant for delivery of meals.
  4. Report my observations including but not limited to changes in appearance, behavior, environment, living conditions and/or nutritional habits to the social worker upon my return from a delivery route.
  5. Maintain the confidentiality of all client data including but not limited to a recipient's name, home address, telephone number, age, financial and health situation.  I will never copy route sheets nor will I remove route sheets from the building except for the purposes of meal delivery. 
  6. Refrain from offering medical, legal, or financial advice to clients.
  7. Respect the cultural, religious and political views of clients and refrain from imposing your cultural, religious and political views on clients.
  8. Refrain from transporting clients in personal vehicles.
  9. Arrive on time, perform my duties in a timely fashion, and take time to finish tasks.
  10. Follow guidance from staff regarding food safety and proper handling of client meals.

I understand that failure to follow this code of conduct can result in the termination by the Director of my volunteer services at Ken-Ton Meals on Wheels with or without warning. 

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Volunteer Options

"Thank you for your kind consideration in calling me when my mom didn't answer her door. It gives me a good feeling that you and your organization care about our seniors."