Our Mission

To promote the health, dignity and independence of people in the Ken-Ton community in need of nutritious meals

Our Vision

We Will…

  • Be Ken-Ton’s premier provider of nutritious, affordable, high quality meals to neighbors in need
  • Pursue and implement options that improve quality, lower costs for our clients and expand service opportunities​
  • Provide the best volunteer experience for people serving our organization
  • Partner with other community groups to expand our outreach in the community and advocate for our clients
  • Maximize brand recognition on social media and digital technologies

Our Values

  • Treat our clients, volunteers and staff with respect and dignity
  • ​Help those in need to live independently
  • Provide volunteers with an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others
  • Utilize stakeholder feedback in the decision making process
  • ​Continuously improve operations and meals
  • ​Be responsible stewards of our donors’ and grantors’ funds