Who can get meals?

​Services are provided to neighbors in need who reside in the Town of Tonawanda or the Village of Kenmore and are unable to shop regularly and prepare healthy meals for themselves.

What are the breakfast meals?

For clients who receive both the hot and the cold meals we offer a option to add breakfast to your service.  You can see our breakfast menu by clicking here.  The cost is $1.25 additional per day and must be ordered a minimum of 3 times per week.  There are no substitutions or special requests on the breakfast meals.  Total cost for all three meals is $9.50 per day.

Who makes the meals?

Ken-Ton Meals on Wheels operates out of the Town of Tonawanda’s Parkside Village Community Building and we have a complete modern kitchen. Our staff and volunteers come in daily at 7:00 a.m. and prepare both the hot and cold meals, package them and prep them for delivery that afternoon. We often roast our own meats, frequently bake our own desserts, and cook our side dishes. Food is purchased from reputable vendors and we are in complete compliance with all state and county health regulations. We don’t add salt or seasoning and low sodium products are used.

Do you have meals for special diet concerns?

We have a modified carb diet for clients with diabetic concerns. A dietician has reviewed the menu and if adjustments are required to maintain the proper carb level then a substitution is made.

We have modified diets for those clients with renal concerns. A dietician has reviewed the menu and if adjustments are required to maintain a basic renal diet than substitutions are made.

Those modified menus follow general nutrition standards for those revisions however it is up to the individual client to be aware of their personal diet needs and make adjustments to meals sent out.

Highly restrictive diets and changes according to personal preference cannot be accommodated.

What Days do you deliver?

We deliver meals Monday through Friday except for those weekdays that fall on a Town of Tonawanda holiday and the building is not open.

What Time do you deliver?

Meals are generally ready for delivery between 11:00 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. Our volunteers arrive close to 11:00 a.m. each day and leave as soon as they can. We have twenty two different delivery routes addressing the entire Town of Tonawanda and Village of Kenmore and each route has about fifteen stops per day. Depending where you are on the list of your route you can expect to receive your meal(s) between 11:15 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.

What about weekends and holidays?

We provide frozen meals for weekends and holidays if the clients ask for them. They are delivered on Friday or the last day of the week that you are getting meals. Holidays will be noted on the monthly menu sent to all clients and posted on this website.

How Do I Sign Up for Meals?

You can complete a form on this website. Go to the How to Enroll tab on the home page and complete the enrollment form. You will get a call from our social worker the next work day to complete the process.
You can also just call us at 874-3595 and we can complete the process over the phone. It takes a few minutes and you can begin service generally on the Monday following your call, though we can start you sooner if necessary.

How soon can we start?

We generally try to start new clients at the beginning of a week however we can start you sooner if you need service right away.

What is the cost?

Our fee for the hot meal effective Sept. 1, 2023 will be $5.50.
The fee for a cold meal effective Sept. 1, 2023 will be $2.75.
Breakfast Meal $1.25 (you must get the hot and cold meal to be eligible for breakfast)

Is there a deposit required?

There is no deposit required and no payment in advance required. We send an invoice at the beginning of each month for all meals delivered the month prior.

Are there a minimum number of meals?

If you want the hot meal only then we require you to sign up for at least four days a week. If you want the hot and cold meals then we require you to sign up for at least three days. You can sign up for up to seven days if you want.  If you wish to receive the breakfast meal you must get the hot and cold meal at least 3/week.

If you sign up for three days a week, you can pick the three you want.

If you sign up for four days a week you can pick the four you want.

Who pays for the meals?

We are funded primarily from client payments. We expect the clients or their families to pay for the service. We can arrange for the invoice to be sent to whoever you designate as the responsible party.

Do you take credit cards?

If you want to pay by credit card you should arrange for the monthly invoice to be emailed to you. The email version of the invoice has a link that allows electronic payment directly to Ken-Ton Meals on Wheels.

Do you accept SNAP/food stamps?

We do accept SNAP/food stamps for either full or partial payment of invoices. If you wish to use your food stamps toward Ken-Ton Meals on Wheels service discuss that with our social worker when she is enrolling you for the program.

Do you accept Insurance Payments?

There are some Managed Long Term Care Insurance companies that arrange for meal service for their clients. If you are enrolled in an MLTC please contact them and ask for service. We have contracts with many MLTC companies. If you want more information, call Karen in our office, 874-3595.

What if I am on vacation or have a doctor appointment?

You can cancel your meal delivery for a day or for an extended period by simply calling our office at 874-3595. You can leave a message on the machine if the office is closed when you call. We just need to know your name, the day you want cancelled or the days you want cancelled. If you need to cancel for a period of days but are not sure when you will be ready to start again, just say Cancel until Further Notice.

Cancellations are accepted any time and as late as 8:00 a.m. on the day of service.

You do not have to wait until the morning of your conflict to cancel your meal delivery. You can call weeks or days in advance, we will note the day and take care of it.

What do I do for food on those days?

When you begin service you will be given a box that contains three (3) shelf stable meals that you can save for these days. Two of the meals will need to be warmed up in an oven or microwave; the third can be eaten without an oven in case there is a concern with power.
Each fall volunteers from Ken-Ton Meals on Wheels will deliver a new box to all clients so they have meals for the winter. If we have a severe winter and close for more than three days we will deliver new emergency meal boxes to all clients. There is no fee for these emergency meals.