Volunteer Guide

Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering for our program.

We are truly grateful to have you help us deliver meals to our neighbors in need in the Village of Kenmore and Town of Tonawanda.

Please use this quick reference guide as a resource to assist you in delivering meals. If you have any questions, please call me at 874-3595 or email me at jennifer@ktmeals.org


Jennifer Jetter
Volunteer Coordinator

The Mission of Ken-Ton Meals on Wheels

is to promote the health, dignity and independence of people in the Ken-Ton community by delivering nutritious meals

KenTon Meals on Wheels Delivery

What to do if the client doesn’t answer

Many clients are hard of hearing or have difficulty walking. Knock loudly and give them time to respond. If you have a cell phone, call their home phone number if it is listed on the route sheet. This may help get their attention.

Check to see if the door is locked. If it is open, announce yourself LOUDLY and enter the home. You may leave a meal in the refrigerator but no meal should be left unattended outside a home (even in a cooler) and meals should not be left on a counter or table if the client is not home. Please notify the office if you leave the meal in a refrigerator if the client is not home.

If the clients doesn’t respond and the house is locked, call their home number first and then call the office so we can follow up with their emergency contact. Return any undelivered meals with the cooler and bag at the end or your route and inform the staff which client did not get their meal.

If you see the client is distress or in need of first aid, call the Town of Tonawanda Police at 876-5300 and ask the dispatcher to send help ASAP.

If you are in the Village of Kenmore, call the Village of Kenmore Police at 875-1234 and ask their dispatcher to send help ASAP.

Photo of warming bags with meals ready for delivery to residents.

When You Arrive

Please plan to arrive at our kitchen at your assigned release time (we stagger release times for covid concerns with our volunteers).  If you are a driver, park in the spot designated for your route. If you are a server, park in an unmarked spot. We should all use the north parking lot closest to Ensminger Road at 169 Sheridan Parkside Drive.

When you arrive, please go to the car you will use for deliveries. KTMOW staff will bring the food to your car. If you are doing a route you are unfamiliar with, please arrive early and ask the staff for directions.

A cooler with the cold meals and bags that is tagged and numbered for your route will be ready and brought to you. Occasionally a small green cooler will also be used to hold the cold meals in addition to the regular size coolers.

Hot meals are in the special red bags with electric heaters that plug into your car. Each bag is tagged and numbered for your route. If you find your bag is not heating, please notify the staff immediately.

Coolers and hot bags will be ready for release between 11:00 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. Staff will be in the parking lot ready to help you get the coolers to your car. Staff will also bring your hot bag to the delivery window and then get them to your car.

Please allow staff to move the coolers to the window and to unplug the hot bags. You may take them to the car yourself if you desire after the staff moves and unplugs or you can allow the staff in the lot to carry them for you.

Photo of Volunteer Reading Route Sheet

How to read your Route Sheet

Understanding your route sheet is vital to delivering meals correctly!

You will find a clipboard in the top pocket of the red bag. This contains your route sheet and delivery instructions for the day so please keep it with you at all times. You will also find a map under the route sheet. If the map is missing, please ask the staff for one.

At the top of the route sheet you will see the ROUTE NUMBER and the date for the
Monday of the current week. The office phone number is also there in case you need to call us from the road.

Clients are listed in numerical order based on the sequence in which their meals should be delivered. Next to the client name is their address and underneath that you will find any special delivery instructions. If those instructions say “Knock, announce and enter” you should knock loudly and let the client know, in a loud clear voice, that you are with Meals on Wheels and are here to deliver meals. Then you can enter the home.

The next column indicates each day of the week (M, T, W, Th, F, S, S) and a number to represent the amount of meals the client is to receive on each day. 

A “0” of “X” indicates the client does not receive a meal that day. 

“1” means the client receives a hot meal only that day.

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